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I recently read about blogrolls, the idea being that if you write on the Internet you should link to the other things that you read to spread the love. So here’s what I read on the regular:

The Alexandrian
A great resource for TTRPG players, full of advice that I have implemented in many of my own games and game design.

Asahi Linux
I don’t currently use Asahi, but I was for a good year. It’s a great project and their writeups of reverse engineering Apple’s hardware are really interesting (if completely over my head much of the time).

Cassidy James Blaede
I like keeping up with the world of desktop Linux, and Cassidy typically comes at it from a design perspective, which is always interesting.

The Chatner
I came for the advice on coming out, and I stayed for the fun literary commentary.

Elementary Blog
Another Linux project that I no longer use but I like to stay up to date with. I was a paid up user of elementary for a long time, and I find their team’s perspective on design to be really interesting.

Exile Lifestyle
I like Colin’s musings on life and his general philosophy. As a bad minimalist myself, it’s nice to follow the work of someone doing it much better than me.

Family of Me
This is a fictionalised account of a trans woman healing parts of her identity, and doing a lot of work to soothe her inner children. Lots of tears.

A bit of linguistics never goes amiss, and this is a look at teaching English grammar in English schools, which is a curious topic.

Yes, I pay for a search engine. But it’s a really good one, and it’s another step towards de-googling my life.

I originally signed up to Nebula for to watch The Prince, but there is a lot of really great content over there, and their model for paying creators is really good.

OMG! Ubuntu!
When I first came to Linux this site was my bible. I don’t use Ubuntu any more, but I like keeping up with the developments over there.

Own Your Web
In the days of enshittification, owning a corner of the Internet feels ever more necessary (hence the existence of this here site). This is a good resource for maintaining a web presence.

Query Shark I’m an aspiring author, and it’s good to see what a good cover letter for getting a publisher to notice you should look like.

My messaging app of choice, I like to keep up with the development.

Stained Glass Woman
A fantastic blog about trans topics, written in great, nigh-academic detail. Instrumental in helping me figure some things out.

Need I say more? Probably the Internet creator I’ve been following the longest.

You Probably Don’t Need
Another Colin Wright project, this one arguing against the necessity of a lot of objects and attitudes. Good minimalist work.